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WindLaufer German Shepherds  
is situated on 21 acres and is a part of WindLaufer Farm, which is a small family owned and run farm that includes our German Shepherds, Great Dane and Llamas.
We are located about 40 miles south of Kansas City, MO just outside of a small town called Drexel.
My husband and I have had German Shepherds for over 30 years and from a small child he was raised with the old world German Shepherd, loyal, trustworthy and willing to protect the family.

To do this, we chose to become Breeders of German Shepherds with European lineage. We are proud of our strict breeding standards and are always striving to learn more or better ways. The strength, loyalty, working ability, soundness of mind and body, courage and their keen sense of trouble, are among the list of things that made us love the German Shepherd Dog growing up and keeps us on our path now. With our goal upper most in our mind, we keep striving for the betterment and preservation of this wonderful breed, the German Shepherd Dog.

Because of our love for this outstanding breed, we wanted to preserve and improve the qualities of the German Shepherd from the "old world" stock.

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Mike & Terry Dirlam
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Our German Shepherd puppies are born and raised right here in our home. They receive continous socialization and bonding given by our multitude of family members,grandchildren,my husband and myself. With such constant observation and interaction , we come to know each puppy quite well. One thing you can count on, your new puppy has been loved and well cared for from the moment of conception to the day they go home with their new families.

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We salute  our troups and their working companions - May God bless all of you and keep you safe. For those who have given the greatest gift of all, we thank you and all of the families who were left here to carry on without you.